The red lizard

The Red Lezard was built in France at the beginning of the twentieth century (between 1911 and 1926) following the order of the Bone-Guelma Railway Company. He was born in the construction workshops of northern France Blanc-Misseron and in the construction workshops Dyle-Bacalan in Bordeaux.
Then, he was offered to the Bey of Tunis for his travels between the Bardo, Tunis, Hammam-Lif and La Marsa. 
After the independence of Tunisia in 1956 and the proclamation of the Republic in 1957, this train which represented a colonial and monarchical symbol was abandoned for years. He reappeared in 1975 under his new name . It was only in 1984, after a restoration and a restoration, that he began his exploitation in southern Tunisia. It begins precisely in the town of Metlaoui to discover the famous gorges of Oued Selja
Lezard Rouge is composed of six wagons including the beylical wagon and a bar car or refreshments are served. The wagons are not alike and remain communicating during the journey, allowing travelers to admire the view from several places on the train. This mythical train crisscrosses the mountains and rushes through tunnels to discover views as beautiful on one side as on the other. 

Lezard Rouge hosts can choose between 3 weekly morning departures. The duration of the trip is approximately 1h 45mn and starts from the station of Métlaoui and returns there according to the following program: 
Tuesday: departure at 10h00 
Friday and Sunday: departure at 10h30 
Stops photos are programmed during the trip in the best places in the canyons. 

From 21 December to 04 January: 
Every day at 10:30 except Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 

For groups, on order and depending on availability, it is possible to charter the train and the accommodate according to the need of the moment. We can personalize the trip, serve all kinds of snacks and cocktails or set up other creative ideas. 

The departure is from the station of Metlaoui. 

Adults: 25 Tunisian dinars – around 8 euros
Children (from 2 to 12 years old): 15 Tunisian dinars – around 5 euros
Group rates (25 people minimum): Adults 17.5 Tunisian dinar – around 6 euros
Children: 12 Tunisian dinars – around 4 euros

Information and reservation 
Tel: + 216 76 241 469 
Fax: + 216 76 241 604 

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