The mysterious Cave "Eye of Gold" in Siliana

Many areas of Siliana are characterized by their caves and chasms, which have been formed for thousands of years, but in return, they are untapped and without the benefit of tourists.

Apart from the fact that most of the state’s municipalities are known for Roman and Byzantine high-rise monuments, which, through their splendor, tell of the time period that followed them, which exceeded tens of thousands of years, Siliana also has many caves and chasms in the interior areas of the state.

The Cave of Ein Dhab is the subject of our conversation, which is located geographically in the village of Sidi Amer, which is located in the Zeribah region of Southern Siliana. This cave was resurrected and was explored in 2009 by the Association of Roaming and Environment in Zaghouan.

It is composed of a succession, over 3 km of length, of nine rooms provided with gures and concretions, of an underground river and especially of long fistuleuses reaching the six meters are among the longest in the world.

The sport of caving is not familiar to many people. It is interpreted in its practical form and away from the lexicon as a way to discover the cave, using special sportswear, which helps to swim inside the cave and to walk at the same time.

Or all sports, where roaming, swimming and walking, so no one can exercise especially from those who do not enjoy great physical fitness.

In the past few years, the Zoriba area has received a respectful response from many fans of the sport and from various parts of our country, but it is still waiting for more media publicity inside and outside the borders.

In order to attract as many foreign tourists as possible, who are still ignorant of this pyramid, which would be of great importance if promoted properly, because fans of this sport are preparing in large numbers, especially from the European community.

This remains the cave of Ein Zahab, especially the rest of the other caves located in many of the interior areas of the state, one of the unusual landscapes in our country, which can be exploited to stimulate ecotourism in the region, which will have a positive impact on the economic level.

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