The Galite islands

Galite is an archipelago of rocky islands of volcanic origin located in the north of Tunisia. It’s the most northerly point of all the African continent, about forty kilometers north-west of Cape Serrat, the closest point of the Tunisian coast, from which it is separated by the channel of Galite. It’s about sixty kilometers north-east of the town of Tabarka and about 150 kilometers south of Cape Spartivento (south-west Sardinia), its area is 8,08 km2.

The main island in the center of the archipelago, La Galite, measures 5.4 kilometers in length from east to west and up to 2.9 kilometers in width in its eastern part. Bordered by cliffs 200 meters high, it can be approached by the bay of Escueil de Pasque, south of the island. Its highest point is the Bout de Somme, culminating at 391 meters which are surmounted by a watchtower. It is climbed by a rocky path which is the best communication route of the island; this path crosses gardens espaliers where, despite the scarcity of topsoil, grow figs, cacti, olive trees, vines, and enough grain to meet the needs of a few families of fishermen. Formerly wooded, the island now only has a low bush. The eastern Piton, a cone-shaped ridge located to the southeast of the island, rises to 360 meters. Apart from the main island, there are two groups of several islets all of which are unaffordable. The western Galitons, located three kilometers southwest of the main island, include Le Galiton (158 m) and La Fauchelle (137 m) which are the second and third largest islands in the archipelago. On the ridge of Galiton is a lighthouse 14 meters high.

Who live there?

The discovery of punic gargoulettes and Roman coins indicates that the island is populated since ancient times. During the protectorate, in 1906, there were 174 inhabitants, including 67 French and 107 Italians. A large part of the inhabitants, Tunisians born but of Italian origin, went to France in the 1960s, following the independence of the country, to settle in the commune of Lavandou and the surrounding villages. The independentist leader Habib Bourguiba is exiled from 1952 to 1954 in a formerly abandoned fort, but nowadays we only find fishermen, corals, and hikers.

Protected marine area

For the preservation of the monk seal and dolphins, the sea area around Le Galiton, located between the low water mark and the half-mile line off the islet, has been classified since 4 July 1980 by decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, as a nature reserve; high waters up to 12 miles are classified as Marine Protected Areas and Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance.


Galite gives us perhaps the greatest feeling of freedom and adventure we can have.
This nature reserve is a kind of holy grail for adventure lovers and getaways. 4 hours by boat (only one boat belonging to the company Tabarka Loisirs is allowed) to access a unique place broken from the world, in the middle of the Mediterranean. Galite is not accessible to the public and also is not for everyone.

Camping at Galite means adventure squared

The archipelago expects to see landscapes of postcards. There is not a big beach, everything is wild, you will only benefit from what you bring, you are broken in the world, there is no possibility of using cell phones and yet …
The virgin nature, sea and mountain, creeks, silence, a breathtaking seabed, and a night view that we will never forget.
The evenings around the campfire will remain forever etched, when the bathing without fatigue took a break, when the sun became red and hid and when silence settled at the same time. A bath of nature, sun, relaxation, and peace that we need.

Tips for those who are leaving for the first time!

Have patience for the road, take into consideration that you can go out at sea only in good weather conditions and very possible that what you have planned is not in agreement with this that Mother Nature wants. Be equipped: tents, mattresses, flashlights but at the same time take little luggage.

At Galite you do not go to the party but to discover while respecting the environment that welcomes you. Think of meals in advance and be a group by splitting stains and cooking on the spot. The barbecue and the Galite tea have a special flavor … just for connoisseurs!

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