Takrouna, a small Berber village located in the Sahel Tunien region, more precisely in Enfidha. And yet, this village is well worth the detour. Located about 6 km west of Enfidha, towards Zaghouan, few people know this Berber village is one of the oldest in Tunisia.

It is built on a large fossilized rock dating back over 2000 years, at 200 meters above sea level, overlooking the Gulf of Hammamet, Hergla and Sousse to the east, Jebel Zaghouan to the north and the plain of Kairouan to the south.

The village is of Berber origin and its current name is most likely linked to a tribe that emigrated to Andalusia in the 8th century and gave its name, Ta Kurunna, to a mountainous region in the vicinity of Malaga. Following the expulsion of the Moors in 1609, a family of immigrants settled in the village and gave it its name.
There are still six families of Berber origin, living from agriculture, weaving alfa and Berber carpets, and a family of Andalusian origin,
Aida Gmach, one of the descendants of this line watches over Takrouna’s memory. This visual artist created the Blue Rock, a stop at the top of the village that combines relaxation and culture. If we are captivated by the endless landscape dominated by the village, we are moved by the eco-museum created by Aida, with the support of the great painter Aly Bellagha, in a part of the family home. The eco-museum presents objects of everyday life and paints a picture of those men and women who have never ceased to make the fruit of an essential good, the earth. The reading of their habits through the object reflects the humility of these villagers with tormented origins. Preserving this heritage is also cultivating the memory of places but it is also a tribute to the men who made Takrouna, including Tahar Guiga. The name of the Blue Rock is extracted from the work of this great writer, native from the village.

The village was the location of the film Sabra and the monster of the forest of Habib Mselmani.

Takrouna, an unknown village but full of history and charm. We lose all sense of time, a real journey in time worth the detour.

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