Sleeping village of Tamerza

The charm of Tamerza or Tameghza operates at more than three hundred meters of altitude. It is one of the most beautiful mountain oasis in southwest Tunisia. It is located about four hundred and fifty kilometers from the capital Tunis, connects Tebessa to Gafsa and seventy kilometers from the airport of Tozeur, and belongs to the governorate of that city. It is a mountain oasis connected to an old village destroyed by the deadly flood that killed more than 400 people in Tunisia in 1969, and the current city has two thousand five hundred inhabitants. This story is contrary to what is often said, is that the village collapsed after rains that lasted several days and were not abandoned following floods. Thus, the materials did not resist the infiltration of water and it was at this moment that the villagers decided to settle further, a few hundred meters.

With its waters that attract tourists, the oasis provides a pleasant freshness during the heat, they are charmed by the mystical silence that sometimes breaks with the birds singing. A mountainous landscape, sometimes pink, sometimes beige.
This oasis is famous thanks to these ruins which are known as the ‘Sleepy Village of Tamerza’, containing a wonderful wadi at the waterfalls that come out of the mountain called El Horchane, whose bed forms a broad boulevard planed and naked that says all the violence of the rains in this region making the city an ideal place for trips as well as for long weekends. This site was formerly called Ad Torres because it was responsible for the defeat of the Roman Empire before becoming the seat of a bishopric under the Byzantines. And this explains the presence of some ancient materials in some houses in the village. 
Some scenes from Anthony Minghella‘s film The English Patient were filmed in this region of mountain oases.

February 11, 1995, According to several sources, six National Guards were killed near the oasis by a GIA commando. Subsequently, on February 20 of the same year, a claim was published. And Le Monde of February 16, 1995, had reported that “the attack on the Tamerza border crossing was denied by Tunis, which is trying to reduce the affair to an ordinary car accident”.
For just a short time (a few years), Tamaghza was only known by the inhabitants of the region and neighboring towns. The tourists discovered this little marvel of the south by pure chance. Known by the strength of its natural assets, the city has opened more and more to tourism and now welcomes a multitude of visitors who come and come back to stay in this unusual place. It is located north of Tozeur, on the Tunisian-Algerian border. Placed in the heights, the village enjoys a breathtaking view. Just like its neighbors, Mides and Chebika have several natural sources: springs of water gushing cascades, offering incredible panoramas. Romantic or also nature lovers, you will be really happy. In addition to its springs, natural beauty, folklore, and traditional dwellings, Tamaghza has many waterfalls that are well worth a visit. They were indeed at the origin of sports tourism in the region. So the visitor must take advantage of his escape to this point lost the country to offer pure moments of adrenaline rush.

Facing the majestic Atlas Mountains, at the gateway to the Tunisian desert, Tamerza has a campsite ‘camping cascades’ and a luxury hotel Tamerza palace and who watches over the ruins of the Berber village of the city abandoned due to torrential rains in the late sixties.
Established in 1992, the boutique hotel, Tamerza Palace, and integrated into the landscape in a harmonious way. It is considered a true tribute to Berber traditions which a stay in its rooms and suites is worthy of miles and night … it is very luxurious and out of the ordinary, like this unusual destination. It’s one hundred and nine suites as well as the room, the palace has been able to highlight the know-how of the Tunisian craftsmen and the contemporary tendencies. They offer a charming and remarkable view of the old village and oriented to the Atlas Mountains. With the greatest care, in the traditional or contemporary style, from decoration to services offered; all the atmosphere has been thought and done well. Not only so, but you will be pampered and pampered, for really competitive rates.

Nowadays, the ruins, or also known as the ‘sleepy village of Tamerza are visited by travelers in search of memories of a completely forgotten Berber land. And today, only the marabout is still used. Some evenings, the Tamerza Palace and Spa, a charming hotel integrated right in front of the mountain and on which the village has been watching since 1992, organizes mystical evenings with five thousand candles. Right in front of the ruins, pass the El Horchane wadi, a kind of broad bare and planed boulevard that fills up quickly with water during the violent, but rare rains of the region. Not far from here, to see, there are also waterfalls that come out of the mountain and walk with hiking panoramas that make the enjoyment of walkers.
Tamerza is indeed popular with visitors looking for a change of scenery, nature, relaxation, authenticity, and … a mystical silence. And its average temperature is almost identical to those of the region of Tozeur.

Improvement of the tourist environment
The Municipality of Tamaghza will realize a set of interventions and projects aimed at improving the tourist environment which should be financed with funds of the order of five hundred thousand dinars by the Ministry of Tourism. Indeed, the first tranche of funds is estimated at two hundred and fifty thousand dinars and will be allocated the embellishment of the north and south entrances of the city, for the acquisition of hygiene and cleanliness equipment and for other interventions in the field of afforestation hygiene and lighting.

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