Must-See Berber village of Toujane

A Berber village located 25 km from Matmata and 38 km from Medenine, in the governorate of Gabes, south of Tunisia. Every stone-clad that we could not see so much it blends into the ocher landscape, s there were these few whitewashed buildings.

A village perched on the mountain, clinging to a rocky side, shaped like a circus, dominating its 630 meters a wadi invaded.
A village with stone houses of which nearly 200 are uninhabited.

It was in this village that the final scenes of René Vautier’s film La Folle de Toujane (1974) were shot.
The village of Toujane is also a multiplayer map of the shooter Call of Duty 2.

If the landscapes are grandiose, with a direct view of the sea just 30 km as the crow flies, life is tough. The harvests depend on capricious rain. Farmland is far away. The water sources, lower than the village, still do not allow the connection to houses.

In the 1970s, many left the village to find work abroad or in new towns, built-in plain, with running water and electricity.

A few years ago, the track became a road, allowing to open up this lost village. Since then, some travelers venture there, in transit between desert and sea. Since then, the “Welcome” flourish along the road that crosses the village. Since then, the houses adorn themselves with their finest adornment: the carpets of Toujane.

Yet very few take the time to really stop there. Yet, Toujane deserves to stop there …

What to do in Toujane?

  • Share the life of women: learn to cook locally, discover the secrets of weaving carpets, fetch water at the source, share tea with neighbors
  • Visit the village, get lost in the streets, discover troglodyte houses, traditional oil mills …
  • Participate in the harvest of olives and their press in late autumn.
  • Hiking following the shepherd’s trails, climbing the ksar at the top of the mountain…
  • Simply discover life out of time, out of the world. A life in the rhythm of nature that we do not know anymore …

When to go?

Preferably in spring or autumn for mild and pleasant temperatures. Winter is cold, very cold. It is high and an icy wind often arrives from the sea. Summer is hot, very hot. Do not plan to walk during the day. But the evenings are nice.

The troglodyte habitat will however allow you to have temperate temperatures all year long. If you are in the area, go there, whatever the season!

Leave hands full

To leave from Toujane hands full of local products:

  • Oil produced in a traditional way
  • Honey of the most exquisite
  • Dry figs, in a necklace
  • Carpets and other weavings reputed throughout Tunisia for their high quality: “kilims”, “Baknougs” and “Mergoums”, embroidered and woven by women of the village, for millennia. More than just a rug or embroidery, it is a story that is recorded. Carpets that have the value of the soul of the one who wove it …

But also…

Leave your head full of colorful images: the clear blue sky, the other of the mountains, the multicolored outfits of the women, …

To leave the heart full of a sweet heat after these days spent with a population so welcoming, spontaneous, humble, and courageous …

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