Located 60 km from Tunis and Hammamet, Korbous is a charming seaside village, perched on rocky shores, on a hill in the region of Cap Bon. The steep road on the side of the mountain that leads to Korbous from Soliman promises breathtaking scenery.

korbous in antiquity

Known since Antiquity as a natural thermal spring of high quality. The Phoenicians and Romans of the time have already gone to these places to make restorative baths, many vestiges are witnesses of these practices, including an inscription on display at the Museum of Bardo in Tunis.
The resort was not very popular in the Middle Ages to be “rediscovered” in the nineteenth century when spa treatments met with great success.
It was in 1916 that the site of Korbous would come into being as a tourist destination. It was booming until the mid-1960 and will gradually be forgotten since the collapse of the corniche road that led to it. Since then, it is accessible by Douala and El Brij.

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of water in all its forms and in all ways. It has been known for millennia by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

A natural spa on the bay of Tunis

Korbous has more than seven hot springs on its territory. These sources have a therapeutic reputation. They escape from waters whose temperature varies between 40 ° and 60 °, following a natural geological process.

Hot Sodium Chloride Waters and Cold Calcium Sulphide Water Treat Rheumatism, Arthritis, Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Osteoporosis, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Asthma, Rhinopharyngitis, Laryngitis, Sinusitis, Otitis Allergic dermatosis, Eczema, Acne and certain diseases of the nervous system.

The seven main sources

  • The source Suante (Aïn Arraka): The source of Hammam Arraka, a cheap popular Hammam, next to the spa, offers a bath of hot water springing from a source with original and dark decor, installed in the cave, where it is located.
  • The Turtle source (Aïn El Fakroun): The water of Ain Fakroun is good for rheumatism.
  • The source of the Goat (Aïn El Atrous): The great source, whose water gushing from the mountain at more than 50 ° C and pouring into a cloud of steam in the sea.
  • The kanassira source (Aïn Kanassira): Is in a cave at the foot of the mountain, recommended for the treatment of dermal diseases.
  • The source of Healing (Aïn Chfa): The source of the water circulating in the spa “Aïn Echifâa”.
  • The source of gout (Aïn Oktor): Located at the foot of the cliff, not far from the spa town of Korbous, right by the sea, is one of the oldest brands of mineral water marketed in Tunisia, since it was in 1904 that this water was taken for the first time from this source, Ayn Oktor’s water seeps through the rock to come out. It is through this natural process that Oktor’s water takes care of the precious minerals that make it famous. This chlorinated water has high therapeutic qualities for all renal diseases, insufficiencies, or infections.
  • The source of the virgin (Aïn Sbya): Currently closed for rehabilitation and left to the abandonment.

Specialists compare them with European thermal waters: The waters of the thermo-mineral group of Korbous thus have a relatively considerable radioactivity and they can take place next to the most famous mineral waters of Europe.

What to do in korbous?

  • Camping, a nice campsite sheltered by olive trees. There are some beautiful places to camp in the grass.
  • Picnic, it’s a little paradise for lovers of country meals, taken outdoors, in the mountains or in the forest.
  • Hiking to discover Korbous from the mountain and enjoy the beautiful views of the big Blue.
  • Hike Bathing at Robinson Creek or coves of the Millefeuilles.
  • Recreational fishing: the virgin rocky slopes of Korbous are a favorite destination for amateur fishermen, there are sea bream, squid, octopus, and much other fish known in the Mediterranean.

Where to stay ?

There are only three hotels, also houses and a studio for rent.

  • Hotel les Thermes 1 star : Phone: 72 284 520 Fax: 72 284 755.
  • Residence des Thermes 2 stars: Phone: 72 284 733, Fax: 72 284 755.
  • Hotel les Sources 3 stars: Phone: 72 284 540, Fax: 72 284 601.

Hotel Royal Tulip a magnificent 5 stars whose work will finish in a few months.

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