Kesra is a Berber village in the center-west, the highest in Tunisia with 1100 meters above sea level, famous for its megalithic monuments, its waterfall, and its rocky steps. At a distance of 160 km from Tunis and 120 km from Kairouan, it is attached to the governorate of Siliana. It has about 2500 inhabitants. Kesra is the only ancient locality in the area to survive. Historically, she has played an important role.

Exceptional architecture

The stepped streets, emblem of the village, dating back to Roman times, and it is not uncommon to find Punic and Latin inscriptions on the stones of the walls of the houses. The village has megalithic monuments, some of which have retained their cover in large slabs, as well as tombs dug in the rock. The other monuments, of Byzantine period, were built with ancient materials, such as a quadrangular fortress of the Justinian period, ramparts, and a tower. To see also, the zaouia of Sidi Ameur which one reaches by stairs cut in the rock. 

The Heritage Museum

Kesra has a magnificent museum that has three main themes: 

  • Folk traditions and women’s handicraft (pottery, weaving)
  • Kesra’s customs of rites of passage from birth to death
  • Jewels and their symbolic

The vegetation

The beauty of the panoramic views of fields, lakes, figs, and forests of Aleppo pines and oaks, is another peculiarity of the city, in the heart of a very green region. The surrounding orchards are irrigated by about 20 sources, thanks to an original canalization system. 

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