Kerkennah: 10 reasons to make it your next destination !!

Looking for a destination idea for your next vacation? Here is one found: the archipelago of Kerkennah. For those who still hesitate, we have found 10 reasons to make it your next destination that will convince you!

1 – Easy access to the Kerkennah archipelago!

A simple one-hour crossing in loud (the ferry) allows you to reach these islands of Kerkennah. …

2 – Traveling on the Kerkennah Archipelago

The means to move to Kerkennah are many and varied (car, public transport, felucca). Lovers of hikes will be served because there are many hiking trails even if they are not marked.

3 – Wild islands

The islands and islets of Kerkennah offer a wild and sometimes virgin nature (islet of Grimdi). The palm groves will give you the necessary shade in warm weather and a postcard landscape. The sea as far as the eye can see conceals unsuspected wealth.

4 – Kerkennians and Kerkennians: warm people

Mediterranean hospitality is well-established. This is nothing compared to that of the Kerkennians. Kindness, friendliness, and simplicity are their watchwords. You will not only feel welcome but you will feel theirs. You can walk around the entire Kerkennah Archipelago safely. No warning to you if not to remain simple and respectful with those you meet.

5 – Few tourists

The archipelago of Kerkennah is still little known and therefore there is no significant flow of tourists. The majority of tourists stay in Tunisia’s most visited tourist areas. The islands of Kerkennah are therefore the ideal destination for those who like to think outside the box.

6 – Traditions and Cuisine

Kerkennian cuisine is made to sublimate fresh products. The freshness of products, especially the sea, remains unmatched. You can enjoy dishes such as couscous with octopus, octopus salad, grilled fish, not to mention the galley. The Kerkennians have preserved ancestral methods of fishing that respect the marine fauna (fishing with jumping (Damassa), fishing with the gutter, fishing with “cherfia”, etc …)

7 – Sun all year round on the Kerkennah Archipelago

The weather is mild and pleasant all year round. You can plan your stay on the Kerkennah Archipelago all year long. You will enjoy the sweetness of the weather, the amazing lights following the time of day, and admire the splendid sunrises and sunsets.

8 – A calm sea

The beaches of Kerkennah are wide and the seaside allows them to have water at mid-calf for a long distance before losing a foot. This makes them very safe for children. One of the peculiarities of the Kerkennah archipelago is to benefit from beaches and sandy coves that make it accessible all along the coast.

9 – A tide in the Mediterranean

Unique in the Mediterranean, a very visible phenomenon on the coast of the archipelago of Kerkennah. Thus, the beaches of this archipelago, even sandy, are generally shallow and subject to this important tide phenomenon that varies the sea level by several tens of meters in a short time. Ask yourself and admire …

10 – Calm and change of scenery

The islands of Kerkennah offer an ideal setting to be quiet. You who are in need of serenity, the kerkennah archipelago is for you. Far from the din of cities, the concrete environment, and the infernal pace of city dwellers, you can disconnect fully while maintaining your comfort!

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