10 reasons to visit the Tunisian Sahara

Sahara is where heaven and earth meet. It is also where time stops to give way to a simple life, tranquility, contemplation, and life.

Although most people think that the desert is the place where life can not find its place, it must be said that it is nothing more wrong! The desert is alive and well. Proof Touaregs, fauna and flora. An incursion into the desert is an experience that every person must have at least once in their life. The desert is to visit and not to tell and it is as everyone sees it and feels it. It’s up to you to tell us how you lived this experience.

Here are 10 reasons why Sahara is so special!

1 -Beauty and tranquility

From the Sahara are far from equal. The landscapes are breathtaking, the dunes change according to the wind that carries them and the oases are the source of life in an arid place. Sometimes, hot springs appear as is the case in Ksar Ghilane. Bathing in the middle of the desert is really pure magic!

2 -Sunrise and sunset

Can be described in one word: spectacular!

3 -The sky during the night

Sleeping under the stars under the desert sky is a memorable experience. Nothing can be compared with this feeling of total freedom. Lying on the sand to admire the sky and be able to guess between heaven and earth as if the stars have come down to earth, you must really live. Every night is just beautiful and breathtaking.

4 -The food

Bedouins are excellent chefs. They prepare everything outdoors in a traditional way at the fire lights in the middle of the desert. The bread baked in the sand is simply delicious.

5 -The company

The friendship relationship develops very quickly in the desert. We have to count on each other and the fact that we share the necessary needs like gathering wood, traveling on the backs of camels, or eating in a single bowl around the fire and accompanied by music makes us become like a big family.

6 -Adventure

Trekking in the Sahara is never dull. Developing a sense of direction is very important and even if you get lost it is sure to know that the Bedouins will soon come to pick us up. When you see that you depend on the camel and its master you will appreciate their true importance. And do not be surprised when dancing on a dune at sunset around the fire.

7 -The Bedouins

They are friendly people. They have a remarkable philosophy of life, they are relaxed and spontaneous. Staying with a Bedouin is a privilege and a wonderful life experience. Learning the Bedouin lifestyle is a rare opportunity to enjoy. Be open to accepting their standards and understand their values. You will enrich yourself.

8 -Camels

They are very nice animals but at the same time with strong personalities that can be difficult to control. They are also fun and they play a vital role in the desert.

9 -Alternative medicine

Do not worry if an injury or pain happens to you. The treatment of Bedouins is simply fascinating and can also resort to incantations.

10 -Trekking in the Sahara

It is the most ecological form of tourism that makes use of 100% natural resources. Provisions are provided on-site, guides, and camel is local so the local economy is encouraged to a great extent.

Try this experience is you will change the vision of life in a positive way. Here you find only a few reasons to visit the Sahara. If you have others, feel free to comment!

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  1. Jamil

    Tunisian Sahara wait for me I am coming

    1. Tunisian

      You are welcome, bro, the inhabitants of southern Tunisia are known for their warm welcome

  2. Image Earth Travel

    Love the desert, have been in the Western Sahara and in Rajasthan’s desert – stunning.
    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography site.

    1. Tunisian

      Thank you too 🤩

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